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I spent 10 days in Cornwall this Spring, with half of this time working intensively alongside other artists at the St Ives School of Painting. This was a fantastic experience and forced me to analyse and verbalise my own process much more than I would while working alone in my studio or outside. While there I produced a portfolio of 'ideas' and observations which are all feeding into my work since I returned home. I find myself much more engaged with all the preparatory work which goes into a finished painting - sketching, writing ideas, observing, looking, experimenting, and just relaxing in a creative space.


These are all painted on A2 cartridge paper and could be framed up and displayed as finished works. However, I am also developing the ideas and painting on canvas. They might be scaled up and will certainly change and evolve. I don't like to copy directly as it could destroy the freshness of the original sketches. Have a look at my GALLERY to see how these new works are progressing. 

Cornwall acrylic sketch 2.jpg

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