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Painter inspired by the sea, beaches, atmospheric skies and landscapes of Norfolk











Living near to the beautiful North coast of Norfolk provides me with inspirational landscapes and seascapes to paint. I'm lucky to have a large garden as well and love observing and painting the constant changes through the seasons.

Working 'en plein air' or in my studio I often start by covering the canvas or paper with random marks, which can then become part of the finished work. Sometimes the mark making takes over and the picture goes in unexpected and unplanned directions.

My work is partly representational, but the colours and marks are closely linked to feelings and emotions as well as what I'm observing. I seem to be moving more towards abstraction at the moment.  

Paintout Looking West along the Quay.jpg
Sea and Sky.jpg


Please get in touch if you would like to know more about my work, or if you would like to visit my studio.

I enjoy the challenge of a commission, so please contact me if you would like something special, or add your email and click the 'join' button to receive regular updates and blogs.

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