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Dancing during Lockdown

We have all had such different experiences during lockdown. It would be interesting to to compare how this has affected our creativity and motivation. I had a real 'block' a few months ago and joined a Louise Fletcher course online, 'Find Your Joy' and the very simple exercises she suggested bounced me right back to the way I love to create art. These pictures entitled 'Dancing During Lockdown' were the result. I like to sometimes work with other artists and occasionally do a course, as we never stop learning as we go through life.

I would say my way of producing art is based on feelings, memories and emotions conjured up by my experiences and surroundings. If you've seen a few of my paintings you will know that they are heavily influenced by my garden or our wonderful Norfolk landscapes and coastline. I focus on the process. This can lead to unexpected results, which I don't always expect to like!

So, even more than usual, since doing this course I have found myself considering and doing all of the following:

Using those materials I've been storing away since I did this or that course years ago. Don't hoard it, but be generous and enjoy splashing it about!

Limiting the palette (which I always tend to do), but also using colours I might not normally choose.

I ran out of canvases at one point, so began using anything to hand - old bits of board from the shed, printer paper etc. It's good to work on a different scale sometimes and I have found that not worrying about what it all costs is very liberating. I've discovered old half full sketchbooks and enjoyed filling the pages with experiments and notes, using different tools and media.

As I used to say to say when I was teaching art 'you can't get it wrong', even if you don't always like the results. Don't worry about failing as this means you are taking risks and are more likely to be open to new ideas. But most of all enjoy yourself!


I often dance while I'm painting, as the music's usually on and it's a great way to ease tension and cramped muscles. The choice of music often affects the work and then there are long periods where I realise I was so engrossed I didn't hear the music at all.

It would be great to hear about your lockdown experiences, whether it's the music that you always find uplifting or anything else that gets those creative juices flowing.

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