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Painting and the Magic of Gardens

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Painting in and about the garden is something I love to do. Changes aren't just seasonal, but happen on a daily basis, so there's always something new to see, especially during Spring and Summer. But also, even in the depths of winter, being outside lifts the spirits and makes me feel good.

I'm looking forward to seeing the magical changes on my new allotment. I took it over in late November 2020 and it was terribly overgrown and full of rubbish and collapsing structures

In spite of all the hurdles it is a beautiful spot to spend time, with a horse field beyond a row of oak trees at the bottom of the plot. I've put up birdfeeders and already have regular visits from robins, sparrows and tits while I'm working to clear the area.

There have been some interesting finds as well - a few surviving asparagus plants amongst the nettles and these bits of slate under some old slabs.

I'm planning my very own Richard Long 'Full Moon Circle' with these!

It's difficult to believe, but in a few weeks time this place will be full of new life and later in the year I'll be harvesting even more of my organic vegetables than I have room for in the garden at home.

As always I've been doing lots of sketching and doodling with paint as I develop different ideas for my paintings. I usually have several things on the go at the same time, so sometimes I'll finish a painting in one session, whereas I might keep coming back and adding to another over weeks or months.

There will certainly be allotment influences this year!

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