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Urban Perspectives

Although I usually get my inspiration from seascapes, landscapes and gardens, I have recently been working on some paintings with more of an urban theme. I came across this very old, unfinished painting by William Hargreaves Whitehead, who was my great uncle. I think it was probably of St Ives in Cornwall and painted in the 1930's. I love the wonky perspective and unusual colours he used, although we'll never know what the finished work would have been like. I wonder why he didn't finish it? The canvas is damaged in a couple of places, so perhaps that happened in his studio and was why he abandoned it. Looking for ideas for my next painting I thought it would be fun to do my own version.

This is what I came up with. I straightened it up slightly and didn't worry too much about copying slavishly. You can just see where I painted out the chimney top left - I felt this didn't work in my composition and I have changed the background completely. I always seem to end up with the sea in my paintings!

I really like the way these colours work together and limited my palette to violet, burnt sienna and ultramarine with some white. It was painted on canvas in acrylic, 23" x 31".

I've been working hard on my website this week as well as doing lots of painting. Take a look if you have time - the links are at the top of the page.

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