I live in Norfolk near the East coast, which provides me with inspirational landscapes and coastal scenes to paint. I'm lucky to have a large garden as well and love observing and painting the constant changes through each season.

I concentrated on pottery in my early 20's, but was always busy with a sketchbook and have been a painter for many years now. 

Working 'en plein air' is always motivating and often challenging, but I do lots of work in my studio as well, using mainly oils, acrylics or watercolours.

I often start by covering a blank canvas with random marks, which usually become part of the finished work. Sometimes the mark making takes over and the picture goes in unexpected and unplanned directions. I limit the colours I use on each work in order to aid cohesion, but of course a myriad colours can be mixed from very few. 

My work is partly representational, but the colours and marks often have much more to do with feelings and emotions than what is actually in front of me.  Also my memories of place and time are strongly linked to a sense of colour and pattern.  I seem to be moving more towards abstraction, particularly in my sketchbooks. 

Sketchbook Images