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To Frame or not to Frame?

As I often paint on very large canvases I usually attach d-rings and picture cord to hang the work as it is, mainly because of the cost of framing. However I do think that most paintings are enhanced by the right frame.

Recently I've been working on much smaller paintings than usual and I've really enjoyed producing these works. I decided to push the boat out and investigate different framing possibilities and came across an online business which supplies custom made frames. On the website you can download an image of your work and 'try it out' with any number of different frames, which I found really helpful. A bit like buying clothes - I'm never quite sure if it will suit me until I try it on! I like the floater frames where you pop the canvas in the front and am very excited about showing my carefully presented paintings.

This is one of the paintings I've framed up and I am so pleased with the result!

What do you think? Do paintings always look better framed?

(Ceramic sculptures in the photos are by Tom Thompson. Email me if you would like to see more of his work and I'll pass your message on. You are also welcome to contact me if you want to know more about the frames.)

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